D. João V and Capricho do Rei are the two royal nectars that are already available in the market.

Adega Cooperativa de Azueira launched today, at the Mafra National Palace, two wines inspired by the 18th century, D. João V and Capricho do Rei, which aim to honor the sumptuousness and refinement of the King’s banquets.
At the presentation, the guests had the opportunity to taste and discover the new wines of Adega de Azueira and be surprised by a trip to times of great deeds and achievements, through a show of historical staging.
“The launch on the market of Capricho do Rei and D. João V wines, precisely in the month in which we celebrate our 60th anniversary, are a reflection of this mission we have daily and the result of a path we have followed. It has assumed over the last two years to become increasingly competitive in the foreign market”, says João José Moreira, president of Adega de Azueira.

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