The Adega Cooperativa de Azueira, CRL has a storage capacity of 14 million liters, which currently covers almost all his needs in this area.

As far as the production is concerned, it has been in the order of 10 million liters per year. Best quality wines have been gaining increasing importance, as meaning 35% of total production.

We are equipped with several hoppers for receiving red and white grapes, where we distinguish the different grape varieties in order to produce the best wine. We have a series of stainless deposits blocks to ensure quality in the fermentation and storage, and traditional cement deposits also form an integral part, creating a direct link with the tradition of a winery.

For greater control and quality in the production of our wines, we have deposits with cold equipment for controlled fermentation and pneumatic presses that maximize quality in the extraction of grape juice.

In terms of finished product, we have a fully automated bottling line, both for bottles and bag in box, with capacity to produce 30,000 bottles / day and 5,000 bag in box / day, respectively.